Spanish Verb Conjugation Quiz

The ability to conjugate verbs rapidly and correctly is essential to gaining fluency in a foreign language. Few applications exist solely dedicated to advancing this skill. At Flashpoint Learning, we believe that this skill can be mastered rapidly with dedicated practice. To achieve this, we have developed a very simple quiz program with incredible depth of content. The quiz itself is simple: a conjugated verb phrase appears first in English, then the user has a certain amount of time based on the selected speed to translate the phrase into Spanish. The conjugated phrase will appear on the screen after the elapsed time, along with the English phrase. It's a simple but extremely effective way to practice conjugation. Users will gain rapid and effortless skills necessary for conversation, and be exposed to every single tense and person in the Spanish language. There are 20 tenses in the Spanish language, and Flashpoint Learning Spanish Conjugation quiz has over 100 quiz verbs conjugated in each tense; any combination of tenses can be selected by the user.

Flashpoint Learning Spanish Conjugation Quiz is a very unique program. It has conjugation drills available for every tense in the Spanish language. Most Spanish language applications rarely go beyond the basic tenses. This program is excellent for advanced Spanish students who wish to perfect the subjunctive tenses. It is also perfect for beginner and intermediate students looking to master the basics.

Spanish Conjugation Quiz has over 100 verbs, in 4 categories; verbs ending in -ar, -er, -ir, and irregulars. The user can choose any combination of tense categories, and any combination of verb ending categories. The user will be quizzed randomly on all 6 subject pronoun categories (I, you, he/she, we, etc.) for a total of 12,000 unique verb conjugations. With this deep content available, this makes it possibly the most thorough Spanish conjugation application available. It can be used from the basic level all the way to advanced, with very few repeats. All endings including irregulars can be mastered for every tense.

$5.00 Spanish Verb Conjugation Quiz

Tenses available:






Present Perfect

Preterit Perfect

Past Perfect

Conditional Perfect

Future Perfect


Present Progressive

Past Progressive

Future Progressive

Present Subjunctive

Imperfect Subjunctive

Future Subjunctive

Present Perfect Subjunctive

Past Perfect Subjunctive

Future Perfect Subjunctive

$5.00 Spanish Verb Conjugation Quiz